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The Creeper

“Comin’ on your left”.  That’s something you hear a lot on the Creeper Trail as walkers or bikers who are faster than you pass you by.  It’s a common courtesy that most everyone uses.  It’s just one of the reasons the … Continue reading

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The Road Less Traveled

In general, we are Interstate people.  When travelling, we like to get to our destination as quickly as possible.  But on the way home from a recent trip to New York State, we decided on a different course. After a … Continue reading

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Getting Wise About Wise County

We’ve lived part time in Abingdon for several years now and decided it was time to do a little exploring. We’re about 20 miles north of Tennessee and we’ve been to Bristol plenty of times. But there’s a lot to … Continue reading

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Retirement Interlude: It’s Back to Work I Go!

When Debbie and I retired last summer, we jumped right into living the good life. Lazy mornings, lots of travel and activities, and kicking off this blog to document our rediscovery of Virginia. But this month, we’ve – or, at … Continue reading

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Six Fun Things To Do in Virginia – The Sequel

With movies, sequels are usually inferior to the original. But we think we have a winner with this sequel…more fun things to do in Virginia in 2015. These are festivals that take place all over the state at various times … Continue reading

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Let’s Do the Zoo

“OK, let’s see the next thing!” That’s what we heard from our two year old grandchildren as we moved our way through the Virginia Zoological Park Thanksgiving weekend. We’ve been there many times, but not with grandchildren and not during the cooler months. … Continue reading

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On Safari…in Virginia

On a recent visit to Abingdon, our daughter told us about a chance to go on a safari, about an hour away. Having never done that, our daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter and the two of us hopped in the car for … Continue reading

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Hey Kids, Let’s go to Virginia Beach…in September!

Growing up in Virginia Beach, my family never went south of 48th Street in the summer.  All those tourists!  Of course, out-of-towners are the lifeblood of the city, so we actually appreciate them coming in.  But things change a bit … Continue reading

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Biking on the Dismal Swamp Canal Trail

With our new bike rack, our biking world has opened up.  So why did we go someplace dismal for our first out of the neighborhood bike ride? Mainly because the Dismal Swamp is misnamed and is really quite lovely.  Plus … Continue reading

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Launching Virginia Rediscovered: Six Reasons Virginia is Cool

So what do two baby boomers do when they retire? Well, for us, it’s time to rediscover Virginia, a state we have called home as a couple for 35 years, a place where we have raised our children who are … Continue reading

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