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My Adventure Park Adventure

I may be a typical early 60s Baby Boomer in that I refuse to admit to aging. “I can still do everything I could when I was in my 20s!” I often tell myself. I decided to test myself at … Continue reading

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Magic at Norfolk Botanical Gardens

One of our favorite places to go when the weather is nice is the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. No matter what the season, there’s always something to see. The paths are easy to navigate and you can be assured of some … Continue reading

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Canoeing the Northwest…

River Park in Chesapeake, that is. The Northwest River Park is one of the nicest parks in all of Hampton Roads. It’s also great for an easy canoe ride, so we took advantage of a warm, early Autumn afternoon and headed out … Continue reading

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Snow Daze

Snow. It’s everywhere in Virginia this February. Usually there’s some corner of the state where we can escape it. But even Virginia Beach has been shoveling out. So, with seven months of retirement under our belts, we decided to try … Continue reading

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Six Fun Things To Do in Virginia – The Sequel

With movies, sequels are usually inferior to the original. But we think we have a winner with this sequel…more fun things to do in Virginia in 2015. These are festivals that take place all over the state at various times … Continue reading

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Let’s Do the Zoo

“OK, let’s see the next thing!” That’s what we heard from our two year old grandchildren as we moved our way through the Virginia Zoological Park Thanksgiving weekend. We’ve been there many times, but not with grandchildren and not during the cooler months. … Continue reading

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A Visit to St. Lukes

Southeastern Virginia is home to a lot of old, historic churches.  About the only remaining original building at Jamestown is a church built in 1639 (although it’s really just the foundation remaining).  Bill grew up attending Eastern Shore Chapel in Virginia Beach, … Continue reading

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