My Adventure Park Adventure


I may be a typical early 60s Baby Boomer in that I refuse to admit to aging. “I can still do everything I could when I was in my 20s!” I often tell myself. I decided to test myself at the Adventure Park at the Virginia Aquarium. Happily my older daughter Laura volunteered to come along. Debbie decided she had better things to do that day.

When we first got there we were outfitted in the getup you see above. Very secure, and tight, we were ready for our training.


Laura is figuring how high she’s going to go

The nice thing we discovered is that it would be extremely hard to hurt yourself. We would be traversing trails amidst the trees and would always be securely attached to steel cables, usually two attachments. It’s impossible to unhook both when you’re up on the trail; you’re always hooked in with at least one.

Training on hooking and unhooking ourselves and how to use the zip line completed, we were ready to go. We climbed up a central platform and had multiple choices of trails.

The trails are color coded by degree of difficulty. I started off on the second lowest to check things out.  It was plenty challenging!


Yes, you walk across that!

Once all hooked in, off we went. Laura started off at a higher level and never looked back, or down, except for this picture.


I stuck with the blue and green levels, never getting more than 25-30 feet off the ground, whereas Laura, being young, ended up on a black diamond level, which involved a zip line across a creek.

I tried out my first time zip lining and it was very refreshing!  It didn’t go too far and I didn’t end up stranded in the middle so I was pretty happy. Actually, among the two most frightening adventures was one where you grab a rope and hop off a platform, hoping that’s what you’re supposed to do (it was).  The second was hanging by a trapeze while swinging through the trees.


Laura’s most challenging trail

I have a slight fear of heights, so I was curious how I would handle that. Knowing there was no way I could fall, that never came into play. Of course, if I had gone 50 feet up, that might be a different story!


It was OK to look down

I was done, and drenched, after about 2 1/2 hours of the allotted 3 hour time slot, so I enjoyed watched others traipse across the trails while Laura disappeared into the woods for a couple more challenges.

It all ended well for me; I was able to make my way across some very challenging trails and not wimp out. No problems, other than dropping my camera, which luckily landed softly in some plants and was retrieved by a staff member.

My next challenge may be a Creeper Trail zip line this fall.  Then maybe motocross?


















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