Let’s Visit a Winery. No, a Distillery. Let’s Do Both!


Although Northern Virginia and the Charlottesville area are best known for wineries, Southwest Virginia has a few, too.  While staying in Abingdon, we decided to head a little north to the Rural Retreat area and visit Davis Valley. It’s not only a winery, but, surprise, a distillery, too.  They are becoming more common in Virginia, despite a lot of hoops that owners must jump through to get going.

We exited Interstate 81 at Chilhowie, and proceeded up Route 11, the old Lee Highway.  This is the more scenic route, even though it’s right next to 81 at times.  About an hour later, we arrived at the very picturesque winery.



The friendly staff was ready to let us taste some of their wines. They have a variety of wines, from the sweet Virginia Breeze Red, to a really nice Chardonnay.

From the tasting room, we were led on a tour of the distillery, which is in the same building.  The owners are very excited about their bourbons, which will be ready very soon.


Their bourbon is almost ready to be released

What was ready to taste was the Virginia Frost vodka and, of course, the obligatory moonshine.  They have a variety of moonshine flavors; our favorite was peach.


Unflavored to peach to apple moonshine. + a nicely bottled vodka

We picked up a bottle of vodka and peach along with a couple bottles of Chardonnay.  On the way out, we admired the view from outside the tasting room.

The Davis Valley Winery and Distillery is a nice addition to the many attractions in Southwest Virginia.  I’m sure we’ll be back!






























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