Magic at Norfolk Botanical Gardens

One of our favorite places to go when the weather is nice is the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. No matter what the season, there’s always something to see. The paths are easy to navigate and you can be assured of some natural beauty.

It’s especially beautiful right now through the end of April with the introduction of LanternAsia-Art by day, Magic by night. The display consists of 36 magical illuminating works of art, crafted from silk, steel and other eco-friendly materials highlighting traditional Asian themes that include nature, wildlife, architecture and ancient folklore. These structures – some as tall as four stories – replicate those found in China, Japan, India, Thailand, Korea, Burma and Singapore.

We went during the day, where we could see the detail and craftsmanship of these mystical works of art. By night, the experience is entirely different with all of the artwork lit up.

This exhibit, which dates back to the Han Dynasty, is the largest of its kind in the U.S.

One of the most impressive displays is a temple made entirely of porcelain plates, cups and other items.  It was constructed at the site and is amazing.  The pictures don’t really do it justice.

The exhibit is stunning during the day and sure to be gorgeous at night.  We haven’t been yet, but here are a couple of pictures from the web site.

With warmer temperatures in the offing, a visit to LanternAsia, day or night, will be quite rewarding.

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