Canoeing the Northwest…


River Park in Chesapeake, that is.

The Northwest River Park is one of the nicest parks in all of Hampton Roads. It’s also great for an easy canoe ride, so we took advantage of a warm, early Autumn afternoon and headed out on a 20 minute drive to the park.


We had a choice of a canoe or a very sparkly paddle boat, so, since we once owned a canoe, we opted to use our upper body strength rather than our legs.

Plenty of canoes from which to choose.

Plenty of canoes from which to choose.

Life jackets are a must

Life jackets are a must






We paddled on a former drainage ditch that runs nearly to the Northwest River. If we had wanted, we could have landed the canoe and walked over to take a look at the river. It was an early fall day, so the leaves weren’t changing quite yet, but the wildlife also hadn’t gone into hibernation.

Plenty of these guys were out soaking up some sun

Plenty of these guys soaking up some sun

The ride was very peaceful and quiet

The ride was very peaceful and quiet






On this Friday afternoon there were only a couple of other canoes in the water with us, so we mostly had the ride to ourselves. It took about an hour round trip, which was a perfect amount of time. Once back, we took a short walk on one of the many trails in the park. While walking we ran into a couple of oddities:







It could only mean one thing…it’s almost time for the annual, and extremely popular, Ghost Train! It runs evenings during October and promises to be scary and fun.

In addition to boating, biking (you can rent bikes) and picnicking, there is also a popular campground, open through the end of November, and even a mini-golf course.

Fun for a quick round

Fun for a quick round

So for a fun day trip where you can be in the great outdoors, check out Northwest River Park.






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