Retirement Interlude: It’s Back to Work I Go!


When Debbie and I retired last summer, we jumped right into living the good life. Lazy mornings, lots of travel and activities, and kicking off this blog to document our rediscovery of Virginia. But this month, we’ve – or, at least I have – had to put the fun life on hold for a bit. I’m back to work!

I worked in the local television industry for about 15 years before spending 26 years teaching TV Production at the Virginia Beach Technical and Career Education Center. I happily retired at the end of the 2013/2014 school year.

So imagine my surprise when, while spending a couple of weeks in Florida in February, the Tech Center principal called me. Even more surprising, he was asking me to come back to work!

My successor had to be absent for 5 weeks, beginning in March. This is such a specialized course; he couldn’t really get a regular substitute teacher for that amount of time. So he thought of me. Debbie and I had done a lot of travelling in February, but didn’t have plans for March, so I said, sure I would help out.

The first day came awfully early…5:40 am in fact. I hadn’t gotten up that early since, well since I was working! And that alarm clock! (I am now sleeping in the guest room because there’s no way Debbie is getting up that early.)

So going back to work has actually been kind of fun. I got to greet all the teachers at the school, who were surprised to see me back (no one had clued them in on what was going on). There are 2 TV Production classes in session. The first year class viewed me with some suspicion, until I told them my background. The second year class I had had the previous year, so they were thrilled to see me again, (much to my pleasure. It would have been awkward if they greeted me with no enthusiasm).

I’m 2 ½ weeks in with 2 ½ weeks to go. People are asking me if I’m enjoying it.  Enjoy is probably not the right word, but I’m happy to be able to step in to help out. It confirmed to me that I retired at the right time. And I can’t wait to sleep in with no alarm clock!

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