Snow Daze


Snow. It’s everywhere in Virginia this February. Usually there’s some corner of the state where we can escape it. But even Virginia Beach has been shoveling out. So, with seven months of retirement under our belts, we decided to try the life of snowbirds for a few weeks and head to Florida – Sanibel Island in fact. Sunny, warm, sit by the pool kind-of days and cool, pleasant evenings. It’s no wonder people pack it in during the winter months and head down I-95 seeking warmth. We never dreamed of taking a winter vacation while we were working, but retirement opens our world to new possibilities. We ate fresh strawberries, corn on the cob and delicious shrimp and grits. Every evening around 6:10 we ventured down to the beach and oohed and aahed at the sun setting over the Gulf of Mexico. It was rejuvenating.


Now we’re back in Virginia and are oohing and aahing over our new granddaughter, who was born on President’s Day in Abingdon. We now have four Virginia-born grandkids who will no-doubt be introduced to numerous sites across the state by their doting grandparents, just as we did with their mothers when they were young.

And, we’re back to the snow and cold. but that’s fine. Spring is just around the corner…we hope.


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