An Amazing Library Rediscovered

We both like to read, and one of our favorite places to visit are libraries. You can learn a lot about a community and its people through the public library. When we’re in Abingdon, we go to one of the Washington County libraries, and we live about 10 minutes from Chesapeake’s main branch.  But a few weeks ago we visited the grand opening of what has to be one of the best libraries in the country…the Slover Library in Norfolk.







The library was built using the 1800s era Seaboard Building on one side, the 1900s era Seldan Arcade on the other, and a 6 story tower that connects them.

The first thing you see when you walk in is a large interactive video display which is really cool.  You can use it to look up streets, pictures, events, and other goings on in present day and past Norfolk.

Swipe away to get loads of information on Norfolk

Swipe away to get loads of info on Norfolk


The interactive map is fun and easy to use


There’s a cool ceiling when you first enter

Another view of the ceiling, from above

Another view of the ceiling, from above

Of course it’s a place to borrow items, over 160,000 in fact.  Also located here is the famous Sargeant Memorial collection, which has just about anything about Norfolk’s past you would want to see.

Bill was especially interested in the video production room, in which anyone can produce and edit videos using the library’s equipment!


Debbie is looking forward to bringing the grand-kids to the Children’s section, which in addition to lots of books, has a couple of play areas.  And no one shushing the kids having fun!P1020560

There are PC and Mac labs on most floors in addition to lots of multimedia information being shown.P1020538 P1020556 P1020552






Even if you don’t live in Norfolk, you can get a library card and check out most everything for free.  We think it’s one of the finest and most technologically advanced libraries in the country.  Check it out!


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