Six Fun Things To Do in Virginia – The Sequel

With movies, sequels are usually inferior to the original. But we think we have a winner with this sequel…more fun things to do in Virginia in 2015. These are festivals that take place all over the state at various times during the year.

For those in Northern Virginia ready to enjoy some art in the middle of winter, check out the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival in Chantilly.  SugarloafIt’s occurring soon:  January 30-February 1. Details are at: Sugarloaf Craft Festival in Chantilly

April is called “the cruelist month”. On the east coast it can often be chillier than we want in Spring. But the mountains are beautiful at this time of the year. And Winchester is one of the prettiest towns in the northern part of the Shenandoah area. Each spring they hold their Apple Blossom Festival.  apples

This year is the 88th! It’s happening April 24th – May 3rd.

For more information click here: Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival

For art lovers, one of the best art shows in the country occurs in Virginia Beach each June.  It’s the Boardwalk Art Show. boardwalkIt’s celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, and looks to be as exciting and creative as always. We’ve often bought arts and crafts at the show, and if you don’t like a particular painting, just look past the booth out to the ocean!

Here’s more information for this year’s show: Boardwalk Art Show

Moving southwest, a festival we were finally able to attend (hooray for retirement) occurs in one of our favorite towns, Abingdon. It’s the Virginia Highlands Festival.  highlands

It showcases art, music, crafts and the Scotch-Irish culture of Appalachia. The 66th festival is being held July 31st – August 9th this year. There’s a lot of variety at the festival…something for everyone!

Check out the details here: Virginia Highlands Festival

For bird lovers, one of the best places for spotting a wide variety of species is on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.  birding

It’s a migratory pathway for birds heading south for the winter. That migration is celebrated each year with the Eastern Shore Birding and Wildlife Festival.  162 species were spotted at the 2014 festival, and it’s growing in popularity each year.

Here’s info on the 2014 festival; information on 2015 should be posted soon. Eastern Shore Birding and Wildlife Festival

Moving into Fall, let’s go indoors to the movies. The Virginia Film Festival is held in Charlottesville in early November. filmIt’s often a star-studded affair with a wide variety of movies being shown. Last year had screenings of everything from “Shaft” to the currently-in-theaters “Wild”. For movie buffs, this is a great event to attend. Here’s information on the 2014 festival; expect it to be updated soon. Virginia Film Festival


We could go on and fill many more posts with great festivals being held in Virginia, but we’ll stop here. Virginia is a great place to visit anytime, but these will give you even more reasons.

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