On Safari…in Virginia


On a recent visit to Abingdon, our daughter told us about a chance to go on a safari, about an hour away. Having never done that, our daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter and the two of us hopped in the car for a trip to the Fort Chiswell Animal Park.  It’s a home-grown 45 acre park with animals from six continents.

What makes it unique is how up close and personal you get with the animals.  We boarded an old school bus that had all the windows removed.  The first thing that happened was a visit by a few ostriches looking for a handout.


20140927_105819That was followed by a couple of camels.  This is by far the closest we had ever gotten to these critters!

The bus took off on a bumpy path where we saw everything from water buffaloes to an American Bison.  It’s all in the open and the helpful guides gave us lots of information, including which animals not to try to pet.  With an optional bag of feed, the bus was like a magnet for hungry wild animals.

20140927_110700 20140927_105343 20140927_113858





Off the bus, we visited some monkeys, lamas, deer, and wallabies.  20140927_115127 20140927_115439 20140927_121046It’s a fun place to visit and our 2 year old granddaughter loved it.

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